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Nissan Versa Note has the agility and pep to handle city driving.

New Nissan subcompact reaches the highest Note

The Nissan Versa is a lot like a singer in a successful choir, who can carry a tune but would rather blend into the harmony than hit the high notes. It’s a formula that helps the Versa lead the subcompact segment in sales, but it is about to take on a new member, one that is ready to grab the spotlight and hit the high notes. It is, appropriately enough, …


2013 Veloster Turbo Review

Hyundai Pumps Up The Fun With Veloster Turbo

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Review: Hyundai wasn’t happy to leave well enough alone, and added a turbo to its sporty coupe/hatch, the Veloster. That makes for a sporty car with reasonable power and an attractive entry price. The Veloster Turbo starts at $21,950 with a twin-scroll turbo that creates up to 201 horsepower from the rather tame 138 the base model offers. It’s the same 1.6-liter direct-injected engine, but with …


chevy malibu 1

Chevy’s Malibu Is Stylish, Smooth

Chevrolet continues to impress with nearly every new model, or revamped model it launches, and the latest Chevy Malibu is no exception. The tweaked styling makes the Malibu more like a Camry, especially from the rear. To me, that’s a good thing as the current Camry is the most stylish it has been in years. I tested a sharp-looking metallic crystal red Malibu in 1LZ trim, which is near the …


Chevrolet spark red

You can do a lot better than Chevrolet’s Spark

Chevrolet’s Spark is a confusing car. Why? Chevy has a perfectly fine entry-level car, the Sonic. Why it felt a need to go bargain basement with its Spark, a Daewoo designed four-door micro or city car, seems like a decision from the pre-bankruptcy General Motors. The Spark is small, riding on a 93.5-inch wheelbase and weighing just 2,269 pounds in 2LT trim, as I drove it, with a four-speed automatic …


Nissan Sentra

New Sentra Takes Nissan’s Pitch Out of the Park

Nissan Sentra Review: SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. — In Nissan’s ever-expanding universe of cars and trucks, the compact Nissan Sentra has been relegated to something akin to a support role. Sort of like a durable and dependable infielder or utility player who is both vital to success and easily overlooked while the stars hit home runs and make the big headlines. World Series time in 2012, however, is the perfect time …


Prius C

Prius C Hybrid Light on the Wallet, and on the Vroom

2012 Toyota Prius C Review: The new Toyota Prius C is what most folks think of when they imagine a hybrid car. They think of an extremely small car that gets great gas mileage. Unlike many hybrids, the Prius’ smaller cousin comes with a lower price. The base C One starts at $18,950 and the tested C Two starts at $19,900. That’s about $4,000 less than many hybrids, including the …



Hyundai Elantra GT Both Sporty and Practical

Hatchbacks are fantastic and Hyundai’s Elantra GT proves the point. Sporty, useful, practical and bordering on fun to drive, a hatchback often gives you more for your money than any other car design. Hyundai’s hatch, based on its Elantra sedan, provides room for four adults and has 23 cubic feet of cargo space under the hatch. Compare that to most coupes and sedans that have 12 to 15 cubic feet. …


Elantra Coupe side

2013 Hyundai Veloster; 2013 Hyundai Elantra

2013 Hyundai Veloster Review: In Milwaukee and Atlanta, Henry Aaron’s nickname was Hammerin’ Hank, for his ability to hit baseballs out of the park. Now we’re witnessing a rough equivalent in the automobile industry, Hammerin’ Hyundai, for its ability to advance base runners into scoring positions. There are two at the moment: The Veloster three-door sports hatchback and the Elantra compact. When the South Korean manufacturer introduced the innovative 2012 …


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