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The full-sized car just isn’t what it used to be.

Toyota Avalon

The full-sized car just isn’t what it used to be. About two decades ago, the traditional full-sized car was a rear-wheel drive, V8-powered, body-on-frame holdover that went through various design changes towards being modern. Nowadays, they are mostly front-wheel-drive with equally powerful V6 engines and plenty of luxury goodies once found on more expensive models. In the midst of this change is the latest Toyota Avalon. It too just went …


2013 Honda Accord Sedan

2013 Honda Accord focuses on performance, not looks

Honda’s Accord has become a generic family sedan in America, a car that’s a good value, an excellent performer, but does not stand out. You may never notice the 2013 model, but you may want to own one. While Toyota has added a touch of styling flair to its formerly vanilla Camry and Ford has leapt forward with its new Fusion design, Honda stays with its safe, bland look, coupled …


2013 Veloster Turbo Review

Hyundai Pumps Up The Fun With Veloster Turbo

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Review: Hyundai wasn’t happy to leave well enough alone, and added a turbo to its sporty coupe/hatch, the Veloster. That makes for a sporty car with reasonable power and an attractive entry price. The Veloster Turbo starts at $21,950 with a twin-scroll turbo that creates up to 201 horsepower from the rather tame 138 the base model offers. It’s the same 1.6-liter direct-injected engine, but with …


Audi S5 cabriolet

Audi S5 Convertible Offers Loads Of Fun, For A Price

2013 Audi S5 Cabriolet Quattro Review What’s more fun than a sports coupe? Well, a convertible version of a sports coupe with a supercharged V6 and all-wheel drive. That’s what you get with Audi’s S5 Cabriolet Quattro. The S5 comes as either a coupe with solid top or cabriolet, meaning it has a soft convertible top. The price starts at $50,900 for the coupe, with manual transmission and the super …


Volkswagen CC featured

Volkswagen’s CC Offers Midsize Luxury At Fair Price

2013 Volkswagen CC When Volkswagen launched its sporty CC in 2009 it went head-to-head with its own Passat, which was then a dowdy midsize sedan that was in need of a restyling. Now, Passat is coming off a face-lift last year to thin its body to blend more with the other midsize sedans that sell well: Toyota’s Camry, Honda’s Accord, Ford’s Fusion and Chevrolet’s Malibu. So the CC, which VW …


chevy malibu 1

Chevy’s Malibu Is Stylish, Smooth

Chevrolet continues to impress with nearly every new model, or revamped model it launches, and the latest Chevy Malibu is no exception. The tweaked styling makes the Malibu more like a Camry, especially from the rear. To me, that’s a good thing as the current Camry is the most stylish it has been in years. I tested a sharp-looking metallic crystal red Malibu in 1LZ trim, which is near the …



Lexus GS450h offers luxury, sport in hybrid package

Lexus GS450h Review: Lexus’ new GS450h midsize luxury hybrid offers smooth, quiet operation, and there isn’t much more anyone would need in a luxury car. The ride is smooth and controlled, the engine gives it plenty of power when needed and handling is responsive, if not sports car precise. The interior is swathed in leather and luxury and styled to impress any of your non-luxury-car owning friends. The exterior is …


Renault 4L by Clairspics

Automotive News and Winterization Specials from CarSoup

Classic Cars May Be Banned In City of Lights The Mayor of Paris wants to ban all cars manufactured before 1997 fromt he city center, reports While it’s designed to cut down on air pollution in the city, critics claim it will make it even harder for poor people to live and work in the capital. It would certainly also put a damper on classic car fans enthusiasm for …


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