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The full-sized car just isn’t what it used to be.

Toyota Avalon

The full-sized car just isn’t what it used to be. About two decades ago, the traditional full-sized car was a rear-wheel drive, V8-powered, body-on-frame holdover that went through various design changes towards being modern. Nowadays, they are mostly front-wheel-drive with equally powerful V6 engines and plenty of luxury goodies once found on more expensive models. In the midst of this change is the latest Toyota Avalon. It too just went …


Renault 4L by Clairspics

Automotive News and Winterization Specials from CarSoup

Classic Cars May Be Banned In City of Lights The Mayor of Paris wants to ban all cars manufactured before 1997 fromt he city center, reports While it’s designed to cut down on air pollution in the city, critics claim it will make it even harder for poor people to live and work in the capital. It would certainly also put a damper on classic car fans enthusiasm for …


Buick Verano and Buick Enclave

Buick Enhances Enclave, Verano for 2013

2013 Buick Enclave and 2013 Buick Verano Review: LOUISVILLE, KY. — Buick surprised a lot of observers by escaping the ax when General Motors tried to hold off an inevitable bankruptcy by eliminating the Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Saturn brands. It was a surprise because Pontiac always had been GM’s performance-oriented line, Oldsmobile had become an outlet for progressive and high-tech engines, and Saturn had been a younger oriented new-age brand, …


Lexus LS600h

Fifth-generation Lexus LS Adds Dose of Performance

2013 Lexus LS Reviews: BIRMINGHAM, MICH. — There can be no better measuring stick of how far the Lexus brand has come in its 13-year history than working through all the various models until you come face to face with the new 2013 Lexus LS sedans. The new car is loaded with all the imaginable electronic gizmos and features for which Lexus has become known, and it is fully pleasurable …


Fusion Hybrids

2013 Ford Fusion Performs Up to Promise of Its Looks

2013 Ford Fusion Review: SANTA MONICA, CALIF. — Ford Motor Company has a vast array of models, most of them impressively redone over the past year or two, but as impressive as all of them are, they must fall in line behind the 2013 Ford Fusion, the new halo vehicle for the whole corporation. There are those who claim the new Fusion might be the most stylish new car ever …


Santa Fe side

Hyundai Santa Fe Doubles Its Potential

Hyundai Santa Fe Review: PARK CITY, UTAH — Maybe it’s simply a translation issue, from South Korea to the United States, but the Santa Fe has never been introduced in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Nobody, however, is pleading for geographic logic in opposition to the site of Park City, Utah, complete with side trips to Sundance and the Olympic Park training facility. In setting the stage for the increased luxury …


Ram climbs over log

Ram Adds High-Tech Features to Forcefulness

2013 Dodge Ram Review: It takes a great truck to be competitive among full-size pickup trucks, and every truck in the segment is very impressive in capability. So it takes something extra to break into that brand loyalty and lure a truck buyer to switch allegiances and increase market share. Dodge apparently had that in mind when it revised the 2013 Ram — which is no longer a “Dodge Ram” …


Porsche Cabrio r, 1

Porsche Eases the 911 Carrera into the Future

If good things come in twos, there aren’t many more impressive pairs of twins than Porsche 911 Carreras. Even better, in this Summer of 2012, those weren’t identical twins that came for a week’s visit each. One was a sleek, dark green Carrera S Coupe, and the other was a sleek, dark blue Cabrio, convertible. Both test cars had Porsche’s superb 3.8-liter 6-cylinder engine, rear mounted and attached to a …


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