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2013 Car of the Year Nominees

North American Car Of The Year, Truck Face Close Finish

2013 North American Car of the Year Nominees: The 2013 North American Car of the Year award has come down to three high-style sedans, while the companion non-car finalists are scattered all over the newly redefined extremities of the North American Truck/Utility of the Year. Ford’s Fusion and the Cadillac ATS give the traditionally top two domestic companies each a finalist in the car competition, while Honda’s redesigned Honda Accord …


2013 Veloster Turbo Review

Hyundai Pumps Up The Fun With Veloster Turbo

2013 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Review: Hyundai wasn’t happy to leave well enough alone, and added a turbo to its sporty coupe/hatch, the Veloster. That makes for a sporty car with reasonable power and an attractive entry price. The Veloster Turbo starts at $21,950 with a twin-scroll turbo that creates up to 201 horsepower from the rather tame 138 the base model offers. It’s the same 1.6-liter direct-injected engine, but with …


chevy malibu 1

Chevy’s Malibu Is Stylish, Smooth

Chevrolet continues to impress with nearly every new model, or revamped model it launches, and the latest Chevy Malibu is no exception. The tweaked styling makes the Malibu more like a Camry, especially from the rear. To me, that’s a good thing as the current Camry is the most stylish it has been in years. I tested a sharp-looking metallic crystal red Malibu in 1LZ trim, which is near the …


Nissan Sentra

New Sentra Takes Nissan’s Pitch Out of the Park

Nissan Sentra Review: SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. — In Nissan’s ever-expanding universe of cars and trucks, the compact Nissan Sentra has been relegated to something akin to a support role. Sort of like a durable and dependable infielder or utility player who is both vital to success and easily overlooked while the stars hit home runs and make the big headlines. World Series time in 2012, however, is the perfect time …


Dodge Dart and Ford Fusion

Fusion, Dart Lead “Car Of The Year” Short List

Dodge Dart and Ford Fusion Review: The Dodge Dart and Ford Fusion are two of the favorites among the short list of candidates for 2013 North American Car of the Year. The Dart and Fusion are among five cars from Detroits traditional Big Three, plus five more from Japan, and one from Germany that comprise the 11 cars voted onto the short list by 50 independent automotive journalists. Along with …


Fusion Hybrids

2013 Ford Fusion Performs Up to Promise of Its Looks

2013 Ford Fusion Review: SANTA MONICA, CALIF. — Ford Motor Company has a vast array of models, most of them impressively redone over the past year or two, but as impressive as all of them are, they must fall in line behind the 2013 Ford Fusion, the new halo vehicle for the whole corporation. There are those who claim the new Fusion might be the most stylish new car ever …


nissan altima feature

New Nissan Altima Is A Fine Family Sedan

2013 Nissan Altima Review: Nissan’s Altima doesn’t always get its due. That may be about to change. The 2013 Altima has been revamped to be slightly wider and much quieter and more comfortable. Its styling includes more arrow-like front lights and a smoother overall shape. This is a fine family sedan that should send shivers down the spines of Honda and Toyota engineers. My test car was the midlevel Altima …


Acura TSX rear corner

Acura TSX Family Alternative for Accord-seekers

2012 Acura TSX Review: If you were a loyal Honda Accord buyer, and you know a new generation of Accord is coming out in September of 2012, would you be interested in an Accord-like vehicle from Honda that exceeds every feature you always wished the Accord possessed, for about the same money? If you would you pay $32,000 for the much-anticipated 2013 Accord, would you pay $30,000 for an Acura …


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