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Ford Fusion Hybrid

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid: It Doesn’t Look Like A Lozenge

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid Review: Ever since 1999, when Honda’s lozenge-like Insight introduced us to gas/electric propulsion, hybrids have been on a long, slow slog toward normalcy. Well, to quote the lady in your navigation system, “You have arrived at your destination.” The 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid is normal, nothing weird about it. Only discreet things, like modest badging and efficiency-monitoring instrument panel screens, differentiate it from other Fusions. There’s …


Volkswagen CC featured

Volkswagen’s CC Offers Midsize Luxury At Fair Price

2013 Volkswagen CC When Volkswagen launched its sporty CC in 2009 it went head-to-head with its own Passat, which was then a dowdy midsize sedan that was in need of a restyling. Now, Passat is coming off a face-lift last year to thin its body to blend more with the other midsize sedans that sell well: Toyota’s Camry, Honda’s Accord, Ford’s Fusion and Chevrolet’s Malibu. So the CC, which VW …


chevy malibu 1

Chevy’s Malibu Is Stylish, Smooth

Chevrolet continues to impress with nearly every new model, or revamped model it launches, and the latest Chevy Malibu is no exception. The tweaked styling makes the Malibu more like a Camry, especially from the rear. To me, that’s a good thing as the current Camry is the most stylish it has been in years. I tested a sharp-looking metallic crystal red Malibu in 1LZ trim, which is near the …


Toyota Avalon 3

All-American Avalon Sets New Standard for Toyota

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — During three restyling generations over the last seventeen years, the Toyota Avalon never distinguished itself as a dazzler, even though it never qualified to be an ugly duckling, either. Its heritage was as an elongated Camry-with-bling, but that image will be shattered forever by the 2013 Avalon, which soars, swan-like, with a combination of stunning attractiveness with breakthrough engineering. First impression is striking, particularly for a …


2013 Nissan Maxima Review

‘Ho-hum’ To ‘Have mercy!’ Maxima’s Mood Can Match The Driver’s

2013 Nissan Maxima Review: The 2013 Nissan Maxima can reflect its owner’s attitude better than a mood ring. Depending on the driver’s disposition, this one can be a perfunctory daily driver, a sporty family sedan or a visceral driving machine. Incredibly, credit for this multi-tasking capability goes to the car’s continuously variable (CVT) automatic transmission, a gear box that, in my experience, usually saps power and drains engine enthusiasm, resulting …



Lexus GS450h offers luxury, sport in hybrid package

Lexus GS450h Review: Lexus’ new GS450h midsize luxury hybrid offers smooth, quiet operation, and there isn’t much more anyone would need in a luxury car. The ride is smooth and controlled, the engine gives it plenty of power when needed and handling is responsive, if not sports car precise. The interior is swathed in leather and luxury and styled to impress any of your non-luxury-car owning friends. The exterior is …


Jetta Turbo Hybrid 2

Jetta Turbo Hybrid Combines Power, MPG

SANTA FE, N.M. — Driving down from the 8,000-foot altitude of Santa Fe, we descended toward a curve so I flicked the new Jetta’s shift lever and downshifted to fourth gear, and when the curves tightened up, I dropped it down to third, both to slow a bit and to be in the power band for accelerating out of the curve. Coaxing a good-handling sports sedan to trace those curves …


Buick Verano and Buick Enclave

Buick Enhances Enclave, Verano for 2013

2013 Buick Enclave and 2013 Buick Verano Review: LOUISVILLE, KY. — Buick surprised a lot of observers by escaping the ax when General Motors tried to hold off an inevitable bankruptcy by eliminating the Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Saturn brands. It was a surprise because Pontiac always had been GM’s performance-oriented line, Oldsmobile had become an outlet for progressive and high-tech engines, and Saturn had been a younger oriented new-age brand, …


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