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winter road by quinet via flickr.com

Winterize Your Car On Your Own

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter at Home Winter is coming. And that means dangerous roads, slick driving conditions, scary snow storms and general morning annoyances when getting the car ready for the daily commute. One caveat: you should defer to an expert when it comes to the final say on whether your car is ready for winter. Thankfully, we can recommend some great options for service shops in your area. …


Winter Values featured

Winter values: AWD, FWD, tires, and keys

When the auto industry changed over from the traditional front-engine/rear-drive to front-wheel drive, it not only provided flat floors and more spacious interiors, it instantly eliminated most of the treachery of winter driving, because of having the majority of weight over the wheels that not only drive the cars but do most of the braking and all of the steering, too. Then along came all-wheel drive, which used to be …


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